What does it cost to get organized?

More to the point, what does it cost to not get organized? The average business person loses one hour per day due to disorganization. That translates into 20 hours per month! Getting rid of excess clutter could eliminate 40% of the housework in the average home. Imagine what you could do with all that free time!

Free Initial Assessment

We will come to visit you and assess your organizing priorities. During the assessment, your goals and priorities regarding your organizing project will be clarified. We will get back to you with a concrete plan of action and an approximate estimate of hours required. An assessment will usually take 45 minutes.

What Do Professional Organizing Services Cost?

Gift Certificates

We are happy to provide clients with gift certificates in hourly or monetary denominations. After all, what could be nicer than receiving the gift of a calm and organized home or an efficient and organized office? We do ask, however, that the recipient be open to accepting your generosity and invested in getting organized.

Sourcing & Procurement of Organzing Products

Clients who have struggled to attempt organizing themselves, have already purchased boxes and bins, files and organizing products of all sorts that are unused or underused currently. As the organizing process begins and unwanted items are purged, bins and boxes and storage containers empty and become available for re-use. In many cases, shopping for additional organizing items is not necessary. There are, however, times when organizing products are needed to improve systems. It may be wooden hangers, a closet organizer in a box from the local hardware store, paper files, labels, spice bottles, etc. The sourcing and procurement of organizing products is charged at their cost plus 10% to cover the time spent acquiring these items.

When you are disorganized you lose productive time searching for items, moving things around and fretting over the lack of order in your life. Let us help you get on the road to a cleaner, calmer existence. The money you spend on organizing products, books and magazines that promise to help you "get organized" are not helping. If you want to feel "All Organized" contact us and we can help.