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Project: Packing up daughter's apartment while out of province during Covid-19 restrictions

We were in a tight bind. My daughter was home with us in Ontario, and we needed help clearing out her apartment in Halifax ... ideally within a week so that we would not have to pay rent on an unoccupied apartment. This seemed like an impossible task in the face of restrictions like COVID quarantine. I contacted All Organized and was immediately set at ease. Lisa outlined the plan, including her packing up the contents, moving them to a storage unit and cleaning out the apartment. We were thrilled, and Lisa exceeded all of our expectations. She kept us informed at every step of the process, and dealt effectively with all of the challenges (including a storm and power outages!). She did such a masterful job, that we got the full damage deposit back. Lisa was professional throughout and performed at the highest level. She delivers piece of mind and I strongly recommend her services.
Jim, London ON / Halifax NS

Project: Packing up and moving Mom for out of province family

I live in Toronto. I hired All Organized long distance to manage my Mum's move in Halifax. I could not be there due to Covid restrictions. Lisa did the pre-planning, packed and prepped for the movers, organized moving day at the new place and helped my Mum get settled into her new apartment. She unpacked and arranged everything, assembled new furniture, hung artwork and made the place homey. My Mother is experiencing the early stages of dementia and Lisa handled the situation with grace and a pleasant, efficient demeanour (and my Mum really enjoyed working with her too!). Lisa is a true professional and her services were worth every penny.
Natalie, Toronto ON / Halifax NS

Project: Estate clearing for out of province family during Covid-19 restrictions

I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough. I live in Toronto, and my mother passed away in Halifax during the Covid 19 Pandemic; I did what I could with her house and belongings while I was there, but with a family at home and all of the Covid restrictions it became impossible for me to return. Thankfully, I found Lisa. She came in and worked very efficiently to clear out the house, while making sure that anything that could be donated went to the best place, she sold things online and to dealers that she had worked with before, and she consulted me regularly about what to do with anything she didn't recognise (my mom's house had more than the usual amount of these). Lisa was a practical presence where I couldn't be, and so compassionate about my situation; I don't know what I would have done without her.
Julia, Toronto ON / Halifax NS

Project: Downsizing Mom from 3500 sq foot home to one bedroom apartment

We recently hired Lisa to assist our Mom with a move from a 3500 square foot home in Dartmouth to a one-bedroom apartment in Halifax . We live in Toronto and we could not be there due to Covid restrictions. She was such a huge help, working with Mom to do a pre-move purge and then getting things set up in the new apartment. We found Lisa to be extremely professional, yet patient and empathetic during this emotional, life event. It was such a relief to know she was there to help while we were not permitted into the province. We would absolutely recommend Lisa and All Organized to anyone who needs support and on the ground action for a project like this.
Shannon, Toronto ON / Dartmouth NS

Project: Downsizing a large family home for an overseas relocation

Thank you All Organized for all you did. Would never have achieved the objective otherwise.
Eddie, Sackville NS


After starting a new business that was taking off nicely I was inundated with an enormous amount of paperwork. The prospect of tackling the organization and filing of it all seemed completely overwhelming to me. I lacked knowledge in putting it all together in a clear and accessible way. Lisa educated me in how to do this which really has allowed much better time management when I am in the office.
Jamie, Moncton NB


I just got home and did the tour. EVERYTHING LOOKS PHENOMENAL. I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH! I still can't believe how much you plowed through in such a short time!!!! The laundry room and the bedroom look fabulous. I love the extra counter space. The list you prepared for me will be very helpful, thank you for that and for the handyman's number. I could go on and on but I'm having a glass of wine with my feet up before heading down to do a load of laundry in my beautiful new space :) Thanks again!
Marsha, Sackville NS


We all love being in the playroom together as a family now. It used to be a place where I would just throw things. Our four young children go down and play with their toys and have a blast. Then they take a couple of minutes to tidy up. It no longer is the arduous task of hours trying to figure out what goes where. There is a place for everything and everything in it's place. It's such a fun place to be now.
Sandra, Moncton NB


"Thank God for you Lisa! I could never have accomplished all this without you."
Gertrude, Halifax NS


Lisa created not only an organized space for my children to relax, read and play in but she inspired in me a desire to really tackle the tasks that I kept putting off. She wowed me by her confidence in coming up with solutions. The speed with which Lisa works is incredible. She accomplished more tasks in our afternoon together than I could in a week. She just gets it done so you don't have to think about it anymore. It's been a whole week and I haven't had to get after the kids once to clean up their room. Thanks to Lisa's help the stress is reduced and I spend less time tidying up the kids' room.
Leslie, Moncton NB

Project: Linen closet

A professional organizer was exactly what I needed to get my day-to-day life back on track!
Anne, Ottawa ON


Free of charge we set up a time and date and met to have an understanding of what was needed to totally re-organize my apartment into a functioning rug-hooking studio and living quarters from a totally disorganized mess. I have lived in this place 12 years and the security and space to actually in had gradually decreased the longer I lived here.

This occurred for a number of different reasons, one of which was my huge collection of supplies for rug hooking and other crafts. We agreed to meet for ten sessions and then re-asses the situation Lisa always arrived punctually with transport to remove everything we had culled each time so it was possible to see a difference being made as each session passed. How she did this was most interesting to me! There was straight garbage and then there were straight keepers. Finally, she inquired as to whom we could donate the remainder to! The method of this culling was the most interesting of all. I sat in a little fold-up chair by her side and as she worked I was available to her to direct the culling. This impressed me because each moment she was here was well-used to organize and what she charged provided very good value as when all was done each hour was spent wisely and nothing was left in the apartment that should not have been there.

I now have a meticulously organized stockroom with posted labels on everything and I am now free to enjoy my craft. My kitchen and living room are back to being functional spaces. Lisa is booked to return in the Spring for a few hours to finish up on a few jobs still needing doing. Lisa started very early each morning as we are both early risers which worked out great for both of us.
Jeannie (Age 84), Dartmouth NS

Project: Closet and home office

Lisa from All Organized was the answer I was looking for. She was able to organize and arrange my items to make my home office run more efficiently. I can find things now because she labelled containers and stored items that I do not use on a regular basis. My home office went from messy and cluttered, to a calm organized location I now look forward to working in.

Lisa also installed closet organizers in our bedroom closets that fit our lifestyle. It is now so easy to put our clothes away. I enjoy looking at the tidy closets and try to maintain the organization she created for us.

I highly recommend All Organized. I now use the techniques Lisa taught me when I tackle other organizing projects in our home.

Carole, Glenholme NS


Every client will be treated with confidentiality and respect. If your particular organizing challenge is used in an organizing seminar, the details will be omitted or changed enough to protect your identity. Before and after photos of fieldwork will not be used publicly without your express permission. Usually clients are so proud of what they accomplish they are more than willing to share their successes with others.